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study bays me — The implication — can waste the potential of students with impunity, break their psyche, wasting valuable time that should be well utilized for the development of the young man.

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Generally speaking, I am not satisfied with the health services. To get a prescription for a drug to which I am condemned to life, every time I visit a family physician; in my case it requires surgery Warsaw write several weeks in advance. Prescribed amount does not exceed the three-month dose, which means a minimum of four visits per year (of which one is indispensable control, and three — pure waste of time, not only my). If I need advice routine, the doctor is for me no more than a quarter, of which absorbs the lion’s share of his review and supplement the documentation. On the history and physical examination are single minutes. In the case of less standard complaints I get a referral to a specialist who will accept me by the order, if all goes well, for three months. Or a year. So far, remaining in such health-which I do not feel it painfully, but with the seventh or eighth cross on my neck needs and expectations rise strongly, and with them impatient and other emotions fueled anxiety about the state of his own body. The above observations concern the system more than the doctors themselves, but when two years ago I developed skiing concussion, the system worked better than humans. I received first aid quickly and efficiently, thanks to the Mountain Rescue-sheep and young ratowniczce from the carriage. But then I ended up in a hospital bed, where the doctor on duty — every day a different — watching me at the morning rounds, constantly having to say only a perfunctory «good morning», without any extravagance like «How are you feeling?», Or the desired information about the when I have the chance to leave the hospital. Далее…