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How many times do I need to get tested for HIV whenever I begin PrEP?

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How many times do I need to get tested for HIV whenever I begin PrEP?

If you are already infected with HIV when you start PrEP before you start using PrEP, it is essential to make sure you are HIV negative; you run a small risk of developing HIV drug resistance. That’s because Truvada just isn’t adequate by itself for the treatment of HIV; if you’re currently contaminated, the herpes virus within you could become resistant to your two medications within the Truvada capsule. HIV drug opposition means specific medicines will not any longer maintain the virus in balance if you’re HIV-positive. That is why, it really is crucial that before you begin utilizing PrEP, you receive tested for HIV having an RNA test, which searches for the particular existence of virus in your bloodstream. During early HIV illness, it is an even more test that is reliable the conventional antibody test, which looks for the current presence of antibodies to HIV, perhaps maybe not the herpes virus it self.

While you are utilizing PrEP, you might be encouraged to have tested for HIV every 90 days to be sure this HIV avoidance strategy is helping you.

Does PrEP need certainly to be used with food?

No, you don’t need to simply take this medicine with meals.

exactly What medications are now being useful for PrEP?

Presently, Truvada could be the just drug that is FDA-approved PrEP. You will find studies underway to explore other drug choices.

What goes on if we contract HIV while using PrEP?

Keep in mind, HIV today is just a disease that is manageable. Utilize your physician to obtain connected directly into HIV care and begin having the therapy you ought to sustain your wellness. Keep in mind you can lean on with the emotional and physical challenges ahead that it’s important to find a support system and have people.

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