study bays me — The implication — can waste the potential of students with impunity, break their psyche, wasting valuable time that should be well utilized for the development of the young man.


Generally speaking, I am not satisfied with the health services. To get a prescription for a drug to which I am condemned to life, every time I visit a family physician; in my case it requires surgery Warsaw write several weeks in advance. Prescribed amount does not exceed the three-month dose, which means a minimum of four visits per year (of which one is indispensable control, and three — pure waste of time, not only my). If I need advice routine, the doctor is for me no more than a quarter, of which absorbs the lion’s share of his review and supplement the documentation. On the history and physical examination are single minutes. In the case of less standard complaints I get a referral to a specialist who will accept me by the order, if all goes well, for three months. Or a year. So far, remaining in such health-which I do not feel it painfully, but with the seventh or eighth cross on my neck needs and expectations rise strongly, and with them impatient and other emotions fueled anxiety about the state of his own body. The above observations concern the system more than the doctors themselves, but when two years ago I developed skiing concussion, the system worked better than humans. I received first aid quickly and efficiently, thanks to the Mountain Rescue-sheep and young ratowniczce from the carriage. But then I ended up in a hospital bed, where the doctor on duty — every day a different — watching me at the morning rounds, constantly having to say only a perfunctory «good morning», without any extravagance like «How are you feeling?», Or the desired information about the when I have the chance to leave the hospital. Already this individual experience meant that I kept in mind without hesitation and resentment applauded the opinion of the medical insensitivity. And yet, despite everything, when asked by an interviewer about the confidence of the profession, I will answer positively. I respect for their education, I realize that many tries as best he can, and also good fortune saved me from the effects of traumatic experiences of medical errors. I hope analogy is clear — good opinion survey of teachers in largely due to the traditional respect for the profession and its noble mission, and a sense that the same schools «came to the people.» This does not exclude at all that at the same time as the length and breadth of Poland are heard criticism; he almost always hear them when I talk about education outsiders with someone who how to save writings for essay writer has a child of school age. My interlocutors knowing and working professionally ask what I will say that … and here follows chilling account of how someone put an unfair assessment, asking stupid homework, do not talk with students, interested only in preparation for the tests, and completely disregards the rich personality of the child, and so on. Thus, if to take into account only the opinions of parents of today’s students, teachers social acceptance would probably be much lower than those over seventy percent, and expressed words zbliżałaby to strict evaluation, we formulated @Maciej, one of the commentators on the article «The Last extinguish the light.» He wrote: «It scares me, the level of current school. Almost nothing has changed since the days when he himself to it attended. Get in it, like raisins in fasting cake, teachers involved Featuring some knowledge and mentally agile (I know such and I am against them full of admiration and respect). » Let’s stop for a moment. @Maciej believes that only a small part of teachers presents features that arouse his admiration and respect. Indicates a commitment, «some knowledge» (by the way is a dubious compliment) and «intellectual ability». It should be understood that all the rest of the company is not involved, it does not have the knowledge or intellectual efficiency. Sharply. We continue: «However, most, nobody ago does not deny that the selection of a negative. I used to work a teacher, even though the low-paid, it was a promotion. Most of the currently encountered my teachers their, at best, mediocre intellectual level, lack of knowledge and interpersonal skills (pity not mention the skills of teaching) usually tries to conceal arrogance and show of absolute power over children. lying in the living eye, even in cases where it is easy to [lie] to prove it is not uncommon. it is not surprising that such an environment is not has no desire to fight for something better, and the only complaining and struggling to maintain their status. elsewhere, and so they would not find work. Even the proverbial hand in Biedronka. anyway, there we would not want to work: there is no way to play on the weak. without a radical solution, replace almost all existing staff, can not expect to improve. (…) «B ery sharply. I think now the reader will easily understand why the title of this post borrowed from the history of cinema — this was just my first thought. Although inspired by the quoted comment I should rather write: «mediocre, passive, ignorant,» or «falsely losers, fully shoes.» Here is a picture belfrów crowd almost entirely suitable to exchange … What to make of quoted comment? Certainly very clearly gives a negative opinion about teachers. The author is not, moreover, in the isolated, which can be determined based on other statements of a similar overtones, many of which are located on the Internet. And on the merits? Well, me personally assessment seems at least exaggerated. Too harsh. However, the more intrigued where @Maciej received so explicit, negative view of the huge and very diverse professional group. I personally know a couple of hundreds of classmates and colleagues, from different types of schools, and hardly anyone of them zarzuciłbym mediocre level of intellectual dishonesty and arrogance. Also, in my opinion, most decent engaged in their work. Never mind, though, is — for the purpose of further argument, let’s assume that some part of society just as the @Maciej, negative perception of teachers, and let’s see what are the reasons for this state of affairs. * * * Let’s start with the circumstances, which can be considered objective. Satisfaction with the quality of education around the world is scarce. Paradoxically, this is due to advances in science and technology, thanks to which mankind has never seen before in the history of the faith in its causative power. There are disasters and zrządzeń fate, only misery, which could and should be prevented. This way of thinking extends to all areas of life, including education. From the modern schools are expected to provide all young people well-being and prosperity every day, at the same time effectively preparing them for full success, happy adult life. Meanwhile, millions of individual cases, the reality differs from expectations. Someone has to be responsible for it. Who would other than the working poor and / or incompetent teachers ?! Yes — let me humbly admit on behalf of the multitude of teachers — we are not successful in schools at the level of what is expected of us today. We can not deal with many problems that arise there. Not (only) by our niedouczenie, laziness or malice. Also because of the rapid changes taking place in society, which can overwhelm us. Once again I summon a comparison with doctors. Imagine that all of a sudden, like a magic wand, we change physically, evolving into a new being, Homo electronicus. Still Homo, but with a different physiology; nanorobots blood and stuff. I expect doctors trained Homo sapiens, that will successfully treat us in this new incarnation. And when it turns out that they can not — beguile them from the honor and faith. In education just such a situation we have today, without any magic. The young «patients» in terms of mental health, especially in terms of emotions, literally within one decade turned into a completely new human subspecies, Homo sapiens smartophonus, and at best evolve further. A challenge that transcends many teachers, but if for this reason they should be replaced all at once ?! Sam, despite the huge professional experience, as never in the past, now I get the impression that I move in the dark. I do not think, however, that like me thrown to the dustbin of history suddenly healed situation. Another sign of the times is the great ease with which people express their opinions. Regardless of the actual competence. We know all this from personal experience: the jerk in the car in front of us is going too slowly, the decision of the city authorities clearly indicates their corruption, coach Nawałka unnecessarily staged Milik in the match against Senegal, and the homework that the teacher asked the child is completely pointless. The basic criterion for assessing the state of things is that it meets our expectations or beliefs. The knowledge, professionalism lost their significance, governed by emotions. And if as a teacher I rebel against it, that is, they want to stifle constructive criticism and avoid social control my work … This problem touched another commentator on the blog «Around the school,» @Xaver that my dictum about the liability associated with the work of teachers he said that on the contrary, they do not bear any consequences of their actions. The implication — can waste the potential of students with impunity, break their psyche, wasting valuable time that should be well utilized for the development of the young man. I partially agree — in fact for these transgressions are not recorded criminal responsibility, and usually even moral. Strange thing in a world where everything is on the article, right? I wonder why this is happening? Well, because there is probably less of a rational matter, than teaching, and above all education. Example is found in his own practice. It is natural developmentally, children quarrel. The apogee of this phenomenon coincides with the period between the fourth and sixth class. Reason says that does not interfere too much — young people need to learn once self-stacking relations in the group and dealing with the frustrations that arise in this context. Sometimes, however painful, which in turn disturbs parents. So there are at school to demand that teachers immediately react to conflicts between students, preferably under the supervision of a psychologist. Because the children, according to parts representations of mothers and fathers should communicate with each other at Versailles, resolve conflicts to everyone’s satisfaction and to treat each other with constant affection. So proceed as unattainable for most adults! Recommending teachers leave (within the pedagogical sense) own course of things I risk being accused of tolerating, or even accept violence. And today is a mortal sin, for which he should be, walking trail @Xavera thoughts, pull me accountable. Even now, anticipating the argument that a great measure of teacher quality are the results of external examinations, I put the question: do I work well when squeezed with his charges sweat in the classroom and at home, to their best prepare for these tests? Or am I then a monster, nieliczącym with the need to ensure that children rest their right to free entertainment and so on? The problem is that although I acted, part of the environment will be satisfied, and part of me will assess critically. So there are different views and expectations concerning the work of the teacher, and partly because it is not easy to settle with the results. * * * So far, independent of the circumstances pointed teachers, which more or less translates into their critical reception in society. Now we move to the border area where the impact objective factors mixed with human errors. The reader may be somewhat surprised that the independent circumstances I failed SYSTEM. In fact, some regulations seem as if they were specifically created in order to hinder the work of the school. For example, overloaded with detailed core curriculum content. Or rigid curriculum that enforces that some within the nine-time taught or even more troops, part of the meeting the students of classes only once a week for 45 minutes. In these examples, lies one of the reasons rush, superficiality and inefficiencies that commonly accused of teachers. But they are also not without fault. Main sin is humble, thoughtless adherence to the guidelines, which the pedagogical awareness should shout that they are meaningless or even harmful for the students. Such as in the aforementioned case of fatal core curriculum, which requires that some teachers applied several times larger number of students to the concepts, names, or names in a year than is done at the time of their subject lessons. And so most of what makes worse the pain of degrees issued. There are also those who «carry» basis by having students work in the kind of senseless, «fill in the exercise from the sixth to the eleventh.» In this way, they provide a sense of a job well done mission or simply safety — after all, the obligation imposed by the SYSTEM is filled — at the expense of those whose welfare should follow. I wonder aversion environment. And if you have already mentioned degrees (this is also a component of the system), teachers too often forget that the first — they are not the purpose of education, only a tool, and secondly — to serve the students, not the bureaucracy, and thirdly — outside them too there is life, that is not everything in the school must be «on stage». As a result, the background assessment is born a large part of conflicts with students and their parents, and I know from experience that neither party has a monopoly on the right. In the context of the above I would like to sigh with regret that there is no pedagogical equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath, and the principle of «First, do no harm!» Completely wrongly applies only in medicine. He made a thoughtless implementation guidelines for the border area, because there is no shortage of examples reasonable approach to the duties imposed by the educational bureaucracy, which clearly indicates that a lot depends on the teacher. Although there is no denying that it is easier for them when hipokratesowe approach also represents the headmaster … With SYSTEM area also comes another phenomenon, which partly borne teachers. The thing applies to fairly widespread presumption of their laziness and completely universal envy associated with a significantly longer leave and eighteen hours of teaching time job, mistakenly utożsamianymi with the same weekly working time. Teachers, for their part say that this is pure injustice, because they often work more than the nominal forty hours a week and perform more duties than is attributed to his position. Some of them have been right, but unfortunately, not all. It is fascinating how many years now, attempts are made to measure, as long as real teachers work, and there is still no reliable results. I think everyone is comfortable with it. But without the measurements shows that there are those who spend many hours of work, and those whose activities outside the compulsory school will not find.

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