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The established local group Autorickshaw mount the AKM auditorium stage on November 15

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The established local group Autorickshaw mount the AKM auditorium stage on November 15

This award-winning group that is genre-bending no complete complete stranger to those pages. We offered the group’s terrific album that is new Humours of Autorickshaw a resoundingly enthusiastic review on July 8, 2014 into the WholeNote. The lineup this consists of vocalist Suba Sankaran, Dylan Bell (bass/keyboards), Ben Riley (drums), John Gzowski (guitar) and Ed Hanley (tabla) night. This is basically the final window of opportunity for Toronto audiences to get Autorickshaw before their trio configuration heads off to Asia and Nepal for an unprecedented two-month subcontinent-wide trip of ten metropolitan areas.

Skipping to November 27 and 28, Toronto audiences get another chance to know certainly one of today’s movie stars of globe music, DakhaBrakha. They have been offered the help of Small World musical. Launched on solid taproots of Ukrainian town songs (and gown), these Kyiv-based performers add musical instruments and vocabularies of other countries. Furthermore they provide their tracks with all the use of popular music microphone methods, powerfully sung melodies and a theatrical performance art sensibility. All of it produces a striking show, the power and mindset of which resonates with also those for who their words really are a secret.

Another performer with an ever growing international reputation could be the Pakistani Sanam Marvi, growing as a highly skilled singer of ghazal, Pakistani folk songs and Sufi music. She offers two concerts on 29 and 30 november. Marvi, students of her dad, Fakir Ghulam Rasool, dedicated years of research to Sufi poetry and after this is considered as among the leading vocalists in that tradition to emerge through the Sindh. Whether performing in Urdu, Sindhi or Saraiki, her aim is always to “reach across generations and cultures” along with her tracks. Далее…