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For 2 kittens into the apartment, essential is sex?

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For 2 kittens into the apartment, essential is sex?

We have a male kitten—1.5 month old Maine Coon, that has been coping with us for per week or so—and there clearly was possibility to own a differnt one, not essential the exact same type, for his or her very very own good and our enjoyable. The kitties would live inside, in a two-room flat. Possibly periodically involve some free or semi-free amount of time in a summer time cottage.

Just just What sex should another kitten be, when we’re to simply just just take one? Now, we are considering neutering our kitten as he’s of sufficient age for the, but i’d ask responses both for neutered and cases that are natural.

Essential note, it’s not for purposeful reproduction, but also for a peaceful and lifetime that is fun.


Any combination could work. a blended sex set is usually discovered good.

I would ike to understand an adequate amount of this problem to publish an excellent answer that is definitive but all We’ve heard of is the fact that any combination may be effective and therefore blended gender pairs generally work down a lot better than exact exact same sex pairs. On the other hand, specific characters can differ a lot more than the typical of sex.

Beyond that the advices appear controversial about whether male-male pairs are a lot better than female-female pairs. Some sources state this yet others state that, with no supply claims ukrainian dating to learn it for certain proven fact. If I experienced to choose my range of better same-gender kitties I would personally take two men, but i’ve no description. Actually i might instead have a gender that is mixed, and that is the thing I’ve already adviced before; whenever anybody has cared to inquire of.

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