Mobile Advertising for Small Businesses


It’s no secret that mobile advertising is a radical game-changer in the digital media and mobile industries.  It isn’t the newest kid on the block, but it isn’t moving away any time soon, either. For large businesses that use cash as confetti at parties, the utilization of this advertising method has resulted in larger revenues.

Did you know that mobile advertising increased by 83% in 2012?  In the same year, the worldwide revenue from mobile advertising reached $8.9 billion.  Google stated, “Appearing on smartphones is critical for local businesses. 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action as a result, such as making a purchase or contacting the business.”  According to the same report that Google released, 66% of people with smartphones use the Internet on their phone at least once a day, with an estimated 35% increase expected in the next year. With the daily exposure to Internet, social networking sites, and the 28 apps smartphone users have installed on average, mobile advertising has been and will continue to be an effective strategy for businesses. Learn more about mobile advertising by clicking:

What does this mean for small businesses?

Fear not, small business-owner mobile advertising isn’t just for the rough and tough kids on the playground.  For small local businesses, this strategy can change your game as well, and bring in more revenue. 94% of people have looked for local information on their smartphones, and as a result, 90% have taken action.  These people have either connected with the business, visited, told other people about the business, and some even made a purchase either in-store or online. Your business may not be as grand as Donald Trump’s—yet—but it can still benefit from a strong mobile advertisement strategy.

Go Loco or Local?  — Small business owners have a unique opportunity to aim for customers by geo-location, and reach them as they’re observing their surroundings.  Advertisers can target these customers by zip code. When you’re evaluating various advertising options, consider choosing solutions that allow you to reach potential customers by their location.

Clicks aren’t everything  — On the Internet, Google AdWords has continuously proven to be asuccessful tool for advertisers.  AdWords was created for businesses to be able to not only pay for clicks, but also have the freedom to change, manage, and optimize the advertising campaigns on their own.  When it comes to mobile advertising, it’s common for users to accidentally click on an ad, meaning almost half of the money spent on mobile advertising goes to waste. If you’re a small business owner, think twice about relying on services that charge per-click.  Instead of AdWords, check out Google’s AdMob.

Hello, SEO!  — No one is going to come to the extravagant party you’re throwing at your house if they can’t find it.  Improve your SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure that your site shows up in any search results.  Including the name of your city on your website can improve the chances of customers finding you, as well as adding your phone number and the full street address of your business.

In-App Advertising  — According to the same Google report mentioned above, 48% of mobile ads are noticed while a user is in an app.  Data published by Flurry in 2012, indicated that people are spending almost two hours using mobile apps per day, and less time on the Internet.  With the amount of apps out there that reach a wide and diverse audience, there’s a great chance that someone will notice your ad and take action.

Mobile-Friendly Design  — Some websites aren’t optimized to be viewed on mobile devices the way that they are viewed on a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet.  Consider creating a mobile version of your website, which will make it easier for your consumers to view your information.

Deals and Action  — Most mobile app users, according to a Harris Interactive survey, prefer ads that offer coupons, deals, and newsletters as opposed to commercial and video ads.  In order to make sure that your website and your products/services are checked out, create engaging mobile advertisements that includes a strong “call to action” and encourages the mobile user to take advantage of your deal.

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